Outdoor Wedding Tips

Have a backup plan

When planning an event outdoors, it is important to consider all of the possible weather combinations. It could be rainy and cold, or hot and sunny. Renting a tent will ensure your guests are dry if it is raining, and shaded if it is sunny. Our tents come with side curtains so if there is wind and rain, your guests will remain dry and your decor will stay put.

Fall or spring weddings

The deep colors of fall and the fragrant smells of spring make early or late season weddings the most unique and extremely beautiful. However, if your ceremony or reception is in the evening, it is more than likely going to get a bit chilly, and you should always consider renting a heater. Used in combination with side curtains, our forced air heaters keep guests comfortable and warm, no matter what time of year.

Keep children entertained

When opting to invite children, it is always a good idea to have a designed children's area. Consider a kids table covered with disposable paper coverings and putting out boxes of crayons or coloring books. An inflatable bounce house is also a great idea. Knaffle's Tent Rental currently has two styles of bouncers available for rent from our partner, Jumps of Joy, LLC. We guarantee the children will have a blast!

Dance the night away

If you will be having music at your wedding, it is important to consider how you are going to get power to the band or DJ. Each will more then likely need one or more outlets to make their equipment work. Always check this in advance. Create a designated space for dancing by renting one of our classy, parquet dance floors.

Make a grand entrance

When having a tent reception, there are many options for table layout. Set the flow for the entire interior space by renting our small entrance tent. When placed outside the main tent, an entrance tent provides a clear designation of where the party starts. Try placing the sign in table or guest book on a tall cocktail table in the entrance tent, surrounded by large vases or pots full of flowers.

Relax and enjoy your big day

Because your wedding is outdoors, there are many reasons why decorating must be done on the day of. But, how are you supposed to get ready to walk down the aisle, decorate, meet vendors and get everything ready for the reception at the same time? Consider hiring an event coordinator to take care of these details for you. Whether you are looking for complete event planning or decorating only services, our event designer can help take the burden off both you and your family, giving you a chance to relax and enjoy every moment of your big day!

Make the most of your surroundings

Outdoor weddings are perhaps the most beautiful because the natural surroundings effortlessly add so much to the decor. Consider hanging candles floating in jars on tree branches or lining trees with white Christmas lights. To create a beautiful backdrop for photographs, drape our white wrought iron arch in fabric, or string it with lights and place in front of a brightly colored flower garden. Consider renting white table linens that will pop against the green grass. Knaffle's Tent Rental has both banquet and round linens available for rent.

Need help planning the big day?

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